Hybrids - hobby:

Beauties - viewed with critical view.Inspired by the article in cacti bloom I want to transfer to the readers of my book also my enthusiasm for this wonderful hobby. Some tips and plants ideas complete the whole image on the subject.

I came to the hybrids of cacti genus Lobivia, these flowers have already inspired me and like every direction in care of cacti, searched for new and also found. It had to be large, brightly coloured flowers and especially at my age, you want to quickly experience the flowers.

Since the Echinopsis hybrids course are just right for it. From sowing to flowering in the third summer for cacti a short waiting period. It says in the rhythm, more can come every year. There are not enough conditions to keep in mind for every lover are opportunities because, on a window sill, balcony with South sides, and of course the best conditions in the greenhouse. In my collection the course each 1/3 with Schick is occupied with new varieties and 1/3 with Trichocereus hybrids hybrids of the well-known hybrid breeder Dr. Robert Schick from the United States, 1/3. In the latter the EP must years until maintained to initial flowering with about 4-6 what. H. establish with half of the time. The EP are me personally. H. closer, although each direction has its advantages and disadvantages.The new varieties of the tr. H. need are not more gigantic big, they bloom height, with large flowers up to 20 cm, from 15 cm very stable on the plant bodies. For the Viewer, the flowers compact work with their 3-4 of rows wide round petals, and the color spectrum leaves hardly a wish. Disadvantage for me is this uniform appearance of the plant body and the Wehrhaftigheit of plants at the new varieties.

Flowers come reliably every year.
1. Image is a view of bedding with flowering Schick hybrids
2. Image above "Madame Pele", right "Yes", below new breeding "My dream"Displays the size of the differences

The Schick hybrids have done to the most me. These flowers in this heady colours, are hardly to surpass new varieties. From the first day opening flowers, clean bright colours and this luminosity of enormous variety wide.

EP. H. bring me up to 8 bloom episodes a year, not the kind of individual, course, but 3 times, come into loose flower to in October.